Skull and Shackles

House Rules and Minutia

1) Character Backgrounds

Although the first adventure is set firmly on the rails the campaign as a whole is very open ended and because of this I am going to strongly encourage people to come up with backgrounds and story for their characters. At minimum a paragraph will suffice but more is always welcome. The reason I ask for this is because there is space in this Adventure Path for me to create extra adventures and scenarios for the group and I find that written and in-depth backgrounds help fuel my creativity in this regard. I do have a reward system set up for those of you who do help me with this.

2)* Character Leveling*

It is very important to me that we do not wait until the last minute to level our characters up. We only play, at best twice a month, and sometimes only for about four or five ours at a time due to work schedules and I want to to make the most of our time together. So, the expectation going forward is that every one is going to keep updated character sheets here on Obsidian Portal. Also, everybody’s character is to be updated and leveled up before the session start time. Even if its only 5 minutes before the session that is fine.

3) Player’s Guide

Please peruse the Player’s Guide before our first session. Not only does it have lots of info to help you build your character’s background but it also has the rules for ship to ship combat. Its pretty important that all of you become familiar with these rules because they feature prominently in this campaign. If everybody has a good handle on them it will help save time and help things run more smoothly during the times we need to use them.



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