Skull and Shackles

Character Creation and House Rules

Here are my official rules for character creation:

1) 20 point buy normal rules apply

2) Anything from the Core Rulebook, the APG, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Combat is fair game to use with the exception of guns and the Gunslinger class. Anything from any other Paizo softcover book is also probably acceptable. I just need to be made aware in advance.

3) Each of you may pick two traits one of which must be selected from the Skull and Shackles Player’s Guide.

4) Each character may start the game with one “free” skill point. This skill point must be spent on either Profession Sailor, Climb, or Swim. This is to represent the idea that all of your characters have spent at least some time aboard a ship and have picked up a modicum of expertise. Rules for maximum amount of ranks in a skill still apply. This is only one free skill point and the skill does NOT “auto level”. Meaning if you want to advance the skill you need to spend your normal allotment of skill points on it.



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